Thursday, June 4, 2009

My son can actually hit left-handed

So, on Monday, I was thoroughly frustrated with my son's tee ball team. I started actually helping out in the field a lot this week, so I was right in the thick of it, so to speak. The kids really weren't focused on tee ball at all. One youngster just doesn't want to be there, so he was walking around, tugging on hats, trying to make people laugh and generally fighting for the ball in the field. That pretty much pervaded the team and everyone had trouble - fighting for the ball, not being ready for a hit ball, throwing gloves in the air. I was ready to give up.

Then Wednesday night came around. The kids really practiced well before the game and listened to Coach when she asked them to let ONE KID get each ball. They worked on underhand tosses for when they're really close to the first-basemen. Everything seemed to click. The Orioles (that's us) were out in the field first. The first four batters for the other team made outs. My son fielded the first ground ball and threw to first - and the first-basemen caught it. (Now, just keep in mind that everyone gets to hit and run the bases no matter what, but some of the kids on our team do know when "outs" are made) Next, another player fielded a grounder and threw for another out. Then a tee ball player actually caught a fly ball! And finally another ground ball out before the Blue Jays got their first actual "hit."

Anyway, I'm a proud dad and coach after seeing how well the team did. And, by the way, when my son was getting ready for his third inning at-bat (his third of the game - after a line drive over everyone's head and a screaming grounder that went right through the middle of the field into the outfield) he asked if he could hit left-handed. I said it was okay. He stepped up to the tee right-handed, then switched and hit a hard ground ball through the middle into the outfield again. I got a few looks from his coaches - the big eyes, as if to say, "Are you kidding me?" No, I'm not kidding you :) Just wish I could upload the video video :)

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