Monday, June 22, 2009

Valleyfair Fathers' Day

My son loves the "Mild Thing" - the kids' version of Valleyfair's signature ride "Wild Thing"

Both kids loved the smaller rides. My daughter had a blast because she could do things on her own - or with her big brother - who was awesome in helping her and going along with what she wanted, by the way :)

We had a blast - literally, too, as my son and I went on "the Wave" and got soaked, while Mom and daughter took on the Carousel - something more their speed (and to their wetness-liking).

My son decide that he was the navigator of the group - and actually got us to all the rides we wanted to take on. He also found the right food stand and was all around a pleasure.

Fun. One meltdown from my daughter. Otherwise an awesome time. We wanted to stay for a couple of hours and leave shortly after lunch. We made it over 4 hours of fun. No pictures from the water park, but my son loved the new wave pool "Breakers Bay" and Dad (me) even got to go down all three body slides. What a great fathers day!
I'm not sure how my son made it through soccer Sunday night, since we had camped out at friends' house on the lake Saturday night, too. I had to take a short nap while the family ate dinner on Sunday after Valleyfair. But then, my son and I were raring to go for soccer, too. He says that he scored 6 goals. I'm not so sure. I thought maybe 7. But then again, he assisted on the other ones his team scored, too (and played good defense and stayed out of "the pack"). I'm such a proud dad. Love my family :)

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