Saturday, June 19, 2010

My daughter's rehearsal and recital! Awe-some!

Here's a look at my daughter's rehearsal and dance recital from this week. Though she dances at a dance school close to home, the dance company uses a HUGE high school and auditorium a little bit further away that helps make the entire night special for the dancers.

My daughter performed twice - tap first, about three groups in; then ballet after intermission, about six performances in. Both were spectacular, but my daughter was especially good in the ballet number. She was front row (the 3-5 year old group doesn't move much, so they're in two lines on stage). It was cool, because her brother, mother and I sat front row of the auditorium, right in front of her. She smiled the entire time and it was a complete blast!

I think I have a little dancer on my hands :)

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