Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend at Wrigley

I wasn't going to mention anything about this weekend, because the pictures say a lot. For instance: the state fair post only has pictures because you can see what we did - animals, rides, tractors, food, and friends. However, Wrigley Field was pretty cool this weekend. We got one out of two wins (My son and I, anyway; my Mom and Dad stayed for Labor Day's game and got another W). But my son also got to run the bases after Sunday's game! Which was really cool! Nice weekend, for sure!

Gorgeous day to start the game on Saturday!

We're ready - got our dog, brat, fries and pepsi for 25% off since we were there so early :)

Skyline is always cool to me.

Soriano even started for the Cubs - a rarity for when my son and I go to a game!

Castro is definitely the future of these Cubs!

My son had got almost as excited to see this bird stay on the wire for a couple innings as he did anything else on Saturday.

Pena walked four times on Sunday. Here he is at third base on Saturday, though.

Hard to see D.Lee in a Pirates uni!

The rains came right after the Cubs went ahead 5-3.
Grounds crew got an ovation for their quickness in covering the field.

Most of us fans thought the Cubs would get the W on Saturday. Too bad D.Lee hit the grand slam to steal it for the Bucs.

Sunday was a nice day again.

It was bit windier, but not as much as Monday. And Grandpa and Grandma came along for Sunday, too.

With the blowing just right, I got a good shot of at least 2 flags of my fav Cubs of all time.

Wells really pitched well on Sunday - no pun intended.

Campana played well, too. He's fast!

And after the game, we went onto the field through the RF corner. Here we are making our way to 1B.

No zoom necessary here. We walked directly over the opponents' bullpen mound and even touched one home plate.

They moved the tarp so that we wouldn't walk on the grass.

Really, the entire 'on field' excperience was a blur. We got to 1B and the kids took off!

My son touched every base - and passed at least 30 kids before touching home plate.

Needless to say, it was a cool experience being ON Wrigley Field!

Of course, my son's expression says it all. Go Cubs Go!

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