Monday, September 12, 2011

Nice weekend ... no pictures ... yet

I actually do have pictures ... I just haven't downloaded them. And my wife took the camera to work with her after dropping my daughter off for her first day of pre-school this morning. Here's a picture of our nice camera (well, not really OUR camera, but close enough) in case you need something to look at while reading my brilliant writing :)

The weekend WAS awesome. My brother and his family showed up late on Friday night. My daughter and my nephew quickly fell back at ease playing together the next day. My son had two baseball games and went either 4 for 6 or 5 for 7 at the plate (batting left-handed his last time up). He also looked completely comfortable catching during the one inning he was behind the plate, and caught a pop-up while playing second base, as well.

Weather was gorgeous, and being able to see the end of the Badgers throttling of Oregon State left me in a good mood. We had outdoor mass at church on Sunday morning, and I even was involved - reading the second scripture, as well as the prayers of the faithful. My brother and his wife seemed to have a nice time at the wedding they had up here in the cities, and I know we really enjoyed having them and our neice and nephew. My god-daughter couldn't stop smiling at me, and I even got to feed her a bottle, cuddle with her and put her to sleep on Saturday night.

After my brother and his family left for home on Sunday, we had a flag football game to go to ... and I couldn't have been more proud of my son. Completed a pass while playing QB, made two tackles ('flags') on defense, blocked well when not running the ball on offense, and generally LOOKED the part of a football player. My wife promised me that she took pictures, so I'll see how good a photographer she is tomorrow when I can post them - just kidding, of course. I know she does a great job. Thanks for snapping a bunch while I coached, honey!

My daughter greeted me after pre-school today with a HUGE smile and a BIG HUG! She looked proud - and I was certainly proud of HER, too. I believe I am really going to enjoy another year of learning with my children. Love you guys!

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