Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wisconsin, the West Coast, and Weddings ...

The Badgers rolled up Purdue on Saturday. That was fun. Went over to our Wisconsin friends' house on the lake and watched the game with Jack while our sons played. That was after my son's basketball practice. Had to clean the house, too. See, we're having some more Wisconsin friends (who actually live in Madison) up for next weekend's Border Battle for the Axe. And my wife is headed to San Francisco for the week. Apparently, she doesn't trust me to clean the house by myself (just kidding - she was a bit nervous, but wanted to feel like she did her part, so we cleaned before she left for Cali).

Anyway, it WAS a nice weekend. Even got to watch the new(er?) Phineas & Ferb movie with the kiddos on Friday night. But the week ahead will be an anxious one - waiting for everyone to come to our house this Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Did I mention that my folks are coming up Saturday, too? Yeah! Unfortunately my high school alma mater lost it's state quarterfinal game, so they won't be playing next Saturday. Thankfully, that means my dad will not need to keep stats for them ... and my parents can come up to enjoy the weekend with us and my dad can go to the Badgers-Gophers game as well.

Our neighbors are moving sometime this next week, too. So we're thowing a going away party for them on Sunday afternoon - next week, Sunday. If this all sounds like it's a lot to do during a weekend, then you'd understand why my wife was a bit nervous before she left and wanted to help with the house cleaning :)

All this might seem like it's plenty to be going on in the near future. But ... that's not all! With your full weekend, you also get: a 2nd grade basketball game on Saturday, a orthodontist appointment on Monday (for my son's braces and expander to be put on), and a short week to prep for a trip to North Carolina for a Wedding!

We are SO excited to be able to travel to Katie and Michael's wedding! We cannot wait!

This week may be a bit hectic, though. So, forgive me if I miss posting some pictures of gymnastics, swimming or other general fall photos of the kids.

Just know that I'll be anxiously awaiting having so much fun NEXT weekend - sitting 50-yd-line at the football game, spending time with our great friends from Madison, enjoying the weekend with my parents as well, and throwing the going-away party for our neighbors.

Have a good week, all! ... and ... On Wisconsin!

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