Monday, November 23, 2009

Good weekend :)

So, Friday night was a success. First, my wife dropped off the big guy at his buddy's movie/pizza birthday party. She took his backpack with overnight stuff and a sleeping bag with a pillow so that they could take him right home afterward and he could sleep over at his friend's house. It all went so smoothly (or so it seemed). Meanwhile, during the day, our nieghbors and us had decided to celebrate two promotions in the families that occured recently - my wife's change of job at Medtronic (and promotion) and our nieghbor's promotion to VP. Anyway, we were frantically calling and texting around to find a sitter. Finally, I found a familiar neighbor girl to take the kids (which ended up being just my daughter and the youngest neighbor daughter because of two sleep-overs).

Anyway, after my wife came back from dropping off my son, we got ready to head out for dinner and whatever else was in store. We fed the kiddo, had our friends come over and waited for the sitter to get home from school (she's a college student and was coming back from UofM for the weekend). While we waited, we talked about holiday plans and eventually came to the realization that we wouldn't mind seeing the Bodeans this year between Christmas and New Years. Then we figured out that they are playing the Barrymore in Madison on December 27th. We could do that, we said. So we got online and bought our tickets. Yeah! Haven't asked Mom and Dad (Gramma and Grampa) yet, but I hope they can sit for the kids :) Bummer is, we won't stick around for New Years. I think this will be the first New Years in 15 years that I won't be with the old gang for New Years. Anyway, our night continued on Friday - went PF Chang's for dinner, then the Lookout for a band. We were even home before midnight. Had fun.

Saturday morning I had an appointment to get new tires on the car. Got to Goodyear; they were all set for me. After an hour, they made sure I new they were doing the alignment on the front end and would be done soon. Went to pay and noticed "Comforttred" on the receipt. Uhhh - not the tires I ordered, I said. They would take care of it, they said. Unfortunately, as they figured out, there were only 6 "Tripletred" tires in my size in the state. Thank goodness they had their names on 4 ... in New Brighton (30 minutes away). They took care of me, though. I had my wife pick me up (Goodyear's about a mile from the house). And when I got back to pick the car up - they took off half the price of the labor. Plus we got $50 gift card to the store (yeah, free oil changes) and $50 rebate (both to mail in for). They made a mistake, took care of it without me arguing at all, and now we're all happy - especially my wife - who loves the tires. Did I mention that we picked up my son from his sleepover and he said he had a GREAT time? Another small snag, though - we noticed he was wearing the same clothes he had left in - even though we had packed pjs and new clothes for the morning. Uhhh, no backpack. Uhhh, where'd that go? We finally figured out that it had been left in OUR car when my wife dropped him off - between the front and back seats, hard to see with some of the same colors as the interior of the car. Oh well. It's nice to know that you can have the wrong tires placed on your car and your son can wear a Gopher shirt to sleep in (borrowed his friend's shirt) and we can all still be happy. :)

Besides an ugly Wisconsin-Northwestern game that I tried to watch without yelling, the rest of Saturday was nice - putting up decorations, helping clean the house. Sunday was good, too. Church, helped my wife move her stuff from space to space at her building, quick stop at Target for some necessary items for gifts, Packer victory, football outside with the boys (my son and his friends), dinner with the new sesame sauce from Teesa (good stuff, Tees), and Sunday evening basketball with a bunch of the guys.

All in all. Nice weekend. Now I'm doing LOADS of laundry to catch up. Fun. Thank goodness it's a short week! ... and I'm in a GOOD mood! Happy Thanksgiving everyone - in case I forget to blog again this week, of course.

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