Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The week after ...

... Halloween is an interesting week. Somehow candy is eaten at ALL hours of the day. It occurs with and without parental knowledge (kids can somehow FIND where it is HIDDEN - or NOT hidden - and kids can be SNEAKY). There are sugar highs and lows and there apparently is a lot of screaming from 3-yr olds (that, I don't remember from the last one). Anyway, kids are still FUN. And challenging. And rewarding. I can't remember I mentioned the GREAT parent teacher conference we had for the big guy last week Wednesday. Apparently he's AWESOME! Proud parents! :) (Need to remind myself of these things when we have the screaming and the yelling at home - Kids are awesome, but not perfect - except in grandparents' eyes)

Here's some pics that we got from neighbors from Halloween. And a drawing from my son. He was proud and sent it to his cousin in Onalaska that had sent he and our daughter a drawing of them that she had done from a picture. Apparently our son has a desire to give back when people do things for him. Yeah!

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