Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey day's over ... now, ON TO CHRISTMAS!

We had a great time back in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving. The trip down was pretty smooth - even though we waited until school was out on Wednesday and ended up wading through traffic for an hour just to get across the cities. The rest of the ride was fairly uneventful and we made the normal 4-hour-trip in a little less than 5 hours. Not bad. The good part (as always) was seeing Mom and Dad (aka Gramma and Grampa) at the end of the drive :) Thanksgiving, as always, provided way too much food - especially since Gramma (aka Great-Gramma) hosted and cooked most of the food.
Over the course of the next five days, I think I ate about a pound of broccoli salad, though - thanks Aunt Vicki! - the leftovers are gone :) It was great to see everyone and we got into playing a game that I haven't played in a while - Scattegories. That's probably a must-buy now for the BadgerCubinMN family! We got to swim at a hotel with my cousins and my kids - which is always fun.
My wife and my mom even did the whole "black Friday" thing by getting up early on Friday morning and taking care of quite a bit of shopping. Too bad that some goofy stuff happened with the credit card. You gotta love a credit card company/bank that calls you with every fraud possibility, though. Thank goodness we caught the actions early (only $60) and our cc company will take care of it. I gotta believe that customer service is still here! Just don't care for the people that are trying to use OUR CARD!
Anyway, the trip home was nice on Saturday. Gave us a break after the weekend to kind of get back into home life. We got our tree out and up (as you can see in the pictures) and the kids decorated with my wife. In fact, the entire house is "beginning to look a lot like Christmas!" Wonder when we'll start getting our snow - since the cold is starting come now and it actually is starting to feel more like winter. I got to go play basketball again this Sunday - which is good for everyone - even if it makes Sunday nights a bit harder for my wife initially.
Monday morning brought about my son's allergy appointment. Surprise! He's NOT allergic to cats (or any pets). He MIGHT be allergic to burwood/ragweed and Maple-Box Elder, but even those were very minor reactions. We'll have to keep checking what's making his eyes/cheeks red - maybe dry air, maybe blinking and something with his vision. We'll keep watching, but he seems to be doing okay lately. Anyway, my wife actually took my son to the appointment, so my daughter and I got to do our grocery shopping as a twosome today. Fun and quick! Yeah! Now, let's have a great week! Onward to victory! ... or something like that :)
Love and Peace to All this Holiday Season!

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