Friday, May 14, 2010

Baseball is here ... for my son, anyway.

That's my son, the Rockie. He was a bit disappointed that he didn't get to be a Cub. But he's okay with the Rockies :) He did ask a couple weeks ago, what he should do if and when they play the Cubs. He was wondering whether his team should "take it easy" on the Cubs. Nice!

Wouldn't you know it?! That's who they played last night :) The Rockies DIDN'T take it easy on the Cubs. (Nor did the Cubbies take it easy on the Rockies, I guess.) Not sure who won, but it was a good game. My son played first base to start the game off. The Rockies got three outs before the Cubs scored 4 runs - see, that's what ends an inning: either getting 3 outs, or scoring 4 runs. Then it was the Rockies turn to bat and my son hit second - got a base hit. He sat out the second inning on defense and then went out to left field for the third inning (which was the last inning). Ended up going 2 for 2 on the game, with a single up the middle and a shot to the hole between short and third. Wish I would've gotten the second hit on video because he rounded first base really nicely and then went back to the base as the ball came back to the pitcher.

He really didn't have a play in left field, but he did "practice" making a play. At least he wasn't picking weeds and he paid attention. It was a good first game and he's real excited to be playing in this league this year. Yeah!

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