Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wisconsin weekend ... FUN!

We all went back to Sun Prairie for the weekend, although not all together. I scheduled my high school team for two games back in Sun Prairie, WI this past weekend. One game was against my alma mater (Sun Prairie) and one against LaFolette (Madison). So the team got loaded up in a rented 15-passenger van and a rented Suburban and made the trip right after school on Friday. Once again, I felt glad that our district high schools let out at 2pm. Thank you! No rush hour traffic for us ... and a little over 4 hours for the drive down.

On the other hand, the elementary schools usually let out at 4pm. Thank goodness that Friday was my son's field trip day to the zoo. They left for the zoo in the morning, so they were done by about 1pm or 2pm. My wife was a chaperone, so they could even leave from the zoo by that time. All in all, everything seemed to work out. When the team got to SP, we had lasagna waiting for all 17 of us at my parents' house. The players said that it was the best they'd ever eaten. And I was pleased with their manners and show of respect :)

The games didn't go as well as we would've liked, but the festivities and the ability to spend time together with the team (and the family) was welcomed by all. Saturday started out right, as Coach Hamilton (Sun Prairie) asked my father to come to the mound to throw out the "first pitch" after recognizing all that he (my dad) has done for the Sun Prairie community athletics over the 35 years he and mom have lived there. The first game was very well played. The Sun Prairie pitcher threw 7 innings of a perfect game. Unfortunately for him, neither team had scored, so the game went to an 8th inning. Park Center (my team) got a double but couldn't score. Then SP scored in the bottom half to win the game. The second game wasn't as clean and fun, but still a decent game, even though PC lost 8-3 to LaFollete.

In between games, I got to say 'hi' to a number of friends and family that had stopped by to take in the games. My folks also had prepared brats, hot dogs, burgers and other food for the teams in between games. Again, most of the players suggested we take the left-overs back with us, as they were the best brats they had ever had :) That's my folks - best cooks around - on the grill or in the kitchen :)

The team took in Vitense Golfland for dinner and activities (all pre-arranged) later on Saturday as the rest of my family spent time together away from us. The Park Center players really enjoyed both the food (mini burgers, meatballs, chicken skeweres, mini corn dogs, bean dip and chips) and the activities (mini golf, driving range, water wars, hi ball) at Vitense Golfland. And it seemed Saturday was a success.

On the drive home Sunday, we stopped half-way home and I even got to eat lunch with my family - who were still traveling seperate from the team, but coincidentally stopped at the same place we did ... wink, wink :)

So, all in all, great weekend. Pictures may show up at some point. We'll see what I can get my hands on.

Oh ... and by the way ... I played ball later on Sunday evening - a win for the Redbirds. Just don't ask how my 34-yr-old body handled catching 9 innings in 95 percent humidity :)

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