Friday, May 7, 2010

It's raining today ...

Mostly that's okay with me. We don't have any baseball (or any other outdoor activities) planned for today. My high school baseball practice can take place inside (for the first time in a few weeks), because we really just need to work on hitting (we've been shut out for at least the last 12 innings). The rain is actually pretty calming for me. I just wish it were warmer (it's 46.6 degrees according to our fancy-dancy thermometer). The kids have been playing together all morning ... up in their rooms, down in the living room, in the front room. They've been playing with baseball cards, playing school, playing some sort of chase game, playing with blankets and pillows. You name it. They have picked up quite a bit, too, so I don't know if I should be too mad when they yell at me as I ask them to pick up one more time here when lunch is ready. They've had their share of yelling and getting angry at each other. And (gasp!) I've even had to raise my voice at least once this morning. But ... the television has not come on since I turned off ESPN at 7am this morning (yes, that's right, we were all up by 6:30am). It's nice to know they can play, because they seem to get used to asking for TV and/or Wii all the time. And now that it's raining, I can see that they don't really even need the television - which is good, since my son lost TV privileges for the day and Wii privileges for 5 days based on his mis-behavior yesterday. (My wife had to call 5 times for him to come to the car after baseball practice yesterday. And he TACKLED his friend during baseball practice, as well.)

Needless to say, today is a bittersweet day. Rain will help the yard and the ballfield. We won't be as dry. And the kids are getting some good time to spend together - which seems to be a good benefit of me staying home with them :) But, I would always love to be able to get back outside, especially onto the baseball field, to really work out the kinks of a two-game slide. Plus, I'm just guessing that it's going to keep raining right on through the night - which means the Twins will get rained out for the first time at Target Field.

Bittersweet, right? But, then again, I always have liked the inner meat of a peach, the skin of a plum ... and chocolate isn't bad, either :)

... and just so you know, they're all bittersweet, too :)

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