Thursday, May 13, 2010

Still no pictures ... but LOTS of rain

So far, two high school games have been cancelled (maybe one more, today?), as well as one 7U baseball practice, and one 7U baseball game (that'd be my son's league). We have gone out in the rain to pick up a uniform (Rockies) and to have pictures taken (again, Rockies). Plus, on the two days that games were "rained out," we actually had high school baseball practice on our field, since it was playable. Apparently others' fields aren't as ready to take the rain. It's been a full week since my high school team played a game, and we'll see if we play tonight. I guess we could get rescheduled for Saturday. Then we would play 8 games in 9 days.

I'd love to do pictures, but with all the emails, texts, phone calls, and drives to the field, I'm a bit busy, flustered and worried about rain rather than taking pictures of the kids. I know, I know - I have to get my priorities in order: 1) blog, 2) family, 3) baseball ... right? :)

Seems it's exactly the opposite during baseball season ... to a degree, anyway. Well, let's hope the Coon Rapids field can take some rain and we can play tonight. And, oh yeah, I hope my son can play his game tonight, too :)

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