Monday, November 8, 2010

Awesome weekend!

No pictures, but, boy was this a good weekend. On Friday night, our neighbors came over and had a few drinks with us while we watched the Badger hockey team kick the Goophers butts. Then, on Saturday, we enjoyed getting our pictures taking at the park. The kids even cooporated - for the most part :) It was a beautiful day, so being outside in the sun was nice. When we got back from the park, my parents were at our house, waiting to take care of the kids. My wife and I had plans :)

We all watched (for the most part) the Badger football team come back from a 10-6 halftime deficit to clobber the Boilermakers. Nice! They're up to 7th in the BCS, so not a bad football weekend - finished off, of course, by the Packers throttling the Cowboys on Sunday night.

In between the two games, we (my wife and I) went out. We had won a silent auction bid last winter/spring on some Twins' tickets and a hotel stay. We did the Twins' game in the spring, but waited until this weekend to use the hotel stay. So, we headed downtown, checked into The Grand and relaxed a bit, had a massage at the spa, headed to dinner at Zelo, and came back to watch the end of the Badger hockey game (only a 3-3 tie with Minnesota this time). It was relaxing to say the least. We slept a lot, got up and had breakfast/coffee at a Panera downtown. Went back to the hotel and I took a swim while my wife relaxed again. Then we headed home. Awesome night/morning! :)

Sunday was another beautiful day, and we took care of some errands and chores around the house while the kids played a ton. Watched some football with Dad, had a grilled meal and finished up the day by watching the Green-and-Gold pull the stars off the silver helmets on Sunday night. Sun shining and beautiful again on Monday makes for a nice final bookend to a wonderful weekend.

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