Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday! ... one week late :) ... and Merry Christmas ... very early! :)

So, I wished my wife a happy birthday on Facebook, but apparently not on the blog, here. So, Happy Birthday, Honey! :) We did have that nice weekend last weekend, and the dinner, massage, and hotel stay were an early birthday celebration - I hope she liked it. I'm pretty sure that she did - very much, in fact! That Monday, she even enjoyed a favorite meal that I prepared for us, and a carrot cake - her favorite (that I did NOT prepare, but rather purchased).
This week, we enjoyed nice weather until this weekend. At which point we received a nice "dumpin" of holiday cheer - in the form of a bunch of wet, heavy snow. Nice for playing and throwing snowballs and making snowmen :) Of course, the shoveling was a bit more work, but that's okay. We live in Minnesota, so it comes with the territory :)

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