Tuesday, January 25, 2011

God bless my daughter. I love her :)

She's a princess. My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed the winter - even without much of an outdoor life. She plays the piano (in her own, special way - even "helping" Daddy when he's trying to learn on his own). Her friend down the street even came to a "jam session" the other day. Of course, my daughter went to her friend's birthday party and it turned into a runway session (on purpose, of course). The girls all looked good, but in my humble (and bias) opinion, my daughter looked the prettiest :)
In her down time these days, she can be found pulling any of her numerous stuffed or doll-like friends in her new American Girl wagon. Rebecca, Madison, and Abigail especially had fun on the first day she brought it home. Apparently, whoever created "Martha Speaks" is a genious, because I can't my daughter to watch much else these days, either. But, then again, I won't complain. PBS is PBS.
Good stuff :)

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