Monday, January 31, 2011

Thoughts of the week ...

My daughter had some GREAT one-liners yesterday. Wish I could remember them. I would DEFINITELY pass them on. She's got a great thought-processor in that noggin of hers. :)

My son's parent teacher conferences are this week. Tuesday, actually. I wonder if we'll get another: "I hear a lot about the Badgers and Packers. I take it, he likes sports ... that's ok." :)

My wife works too hard. God love her. Thank goodness she's also a great mother and wife. This weekend was fun to watch a funny action movie with her on Friday night ... by ourselves :)

By the way - if you get a chance to watch "Hotel for Dogs" - do it. The kids LOVED it and are asking us to buy it. My daughter even asked if I could tell her friend down the street to buy it for her for her birthday. I asked if I could buy it for her and she told me, No, that she wanted her friend to buy it for her. :)

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole was pretty goood too. Too scary for my daughter, but my son and I watched it and liked it, too. Not everyone will like it, but we did. :)

Completely different subject: How did Clay Matthews NOT get AP defensive player of the year? Just wondering.

Anyway, I will get pictures up. I think I have a few :) Go Pack. Love. And God bless :)

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