Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weekend sleepover with a friend ...

... ok, so it was a "stuffed" friend - a striped lion named Digby, but still :) My son brought home the classroom stuffed animal for the weekend and they had a blast doing a bunch of my son's "usual" activities around the house and over the three day weekend.
First, they played Wii NCAA Football ...
... seriously, they did. Digby won the Rose Bowl for the Badgers!
Then, Digby challenged our house "pet", Pappy, to a game of air hockey ...
... this says that Pappy won. (Only my son would actually take this picture.)
I don't know if Digby lost the bet on air hockey, but he and my son selected "Hotel for Dogs" as the movie they wanted to rent. It was fun to watch. Everyone liked it ... even Digby.

We also had a big party to put a puzzle together. Everybody chipped in - Digby, Papy, Bunny, and Ellie (the elephant). Oh, and my son and daughter put some of the pieces in, too.

Apparently, this was one of Pappy and Digby's favorite books. My son read a few books to his "friends" over the weekend. I guess he's getting pretty good at reading ...

... but maybe you should ask Digby or Pappy about that sometime :)
My son had a basketball scrimmage on Saturday. Digby came along. Maybe it helped my son. He scored a few baskets and even complained about some "floor burns" on his knees. Yes, he was diving for loose balls already. Digby reminded my son that "floor burns" are trophies :)
It seemed like Digby (and my son) had a great weekend. They sure had a lot of fun. So, it was easy to see why they might not want to part when Monday morning came along. Good thing that Pappy let Digby have just a little more time alone with my son by letting him take his spot in bed for one night (but only for ONE night!).

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