Saturday, February 26, 2011

Successfull Youth Baseball Clinic

Ever wonder what it's like to entertain 20-40 six- to thirteen-year-olds for 90 minutes ... while they throw balls and swing bats? Well, that's what we did today ... and it actually went pretty well.

My assistant coaches and I ran a youth baseball clinic for the third year in a row (that I've been head coach, anyway). I had nine of our high school ball players help out - and I couldn't have been more happy with their efforts.

Now, as for the six- to thirteen-year-olds ... well, they did pretty good, too. Between fielding pop-flies and ground balls in a gym, and swinging at balls on tees, it wasn't too hectic and yet everybody seemed to get enough activity ... and maybe they even learned a little bit more about baseball? Who knows.

No matter what, a good time was had by all, and in the end we raised a little money for our baseball program, too.

Side note: Somebody needs to remind me to bring my camera next time. Watching a particular seven-year-old fit right in with the ten- to thirteen-year-old group makes a particular dad pretty proud. :)

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