Friday, February 11, 2011

My cubs :)

No, not THOSE Cubs - my children. :) You know, I haven't been as patient with them as I would've liked to be over the past year or so. So ... I decided to make a plan to stop yelling - ever - and, basically, it has worked. Now, you may look at the kids in the pictures I post and think, "Why would he ever NEED to yell at them?" Ok, you got me. My kids are perfect :) Ok, not really. But they are pretty darn good. I've recently been taking 'snapshots' in my mind when they do things that really make me smile.  
And then, when I need to, I think about those 'snapshots' when they make me want to scream. It's no "Calgon, take me away!" moment or anything. It just gives me a chance to reflect on how good my kids really are. Since the Christmas season, I can count on one hand the number of times I've yelled. If you look at my kids, you'll see that they appreciate it. See ...
Ok, so maybe they just appreciate Daddy being 'happier' and more 'well-adjusted' (that second one is my phrase, I guess). But it seems to be working out for the best. Good thing, because things will get a little harrier (more harry?) as spring baseball gets here. Guess my patience will be tested some more - but hey, it's not like I've won a trophy for 'Best Dad' or anything yet, so I'll keep working. Wait, do I see that 'Best Dad' trophy somewhere on my son's bed-bookshelf .... ?
Nope. I guess not. That's just Digby posing with a bunch of my son's favorite tokens.

Thank God for kids!

PS - If you can guess what any of those tokens are, let me know. Especially WHO signed the baseball. (I know that some of them are easier than others, but go for it - tell me what you think.)

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