Thursday, February 24, 2011

Denver, Dancing, and Squirrels

So, my son and daughter both danced on the side of the room by the tables (and yes, that's me trying to figure out how to "Tweet" something about how much fun we're having). They had a blast. Too bad I didn't get pictures of my wife and I trying to waltz. Apparently the kids (especially my son) were very interested in our dancing.

On the ride back to Gramma's house, we got the evaluation of our efforts: Our Son, "You guys were good. I'd give you an 'A'!!" (With no question from us - just pure injection of feelings.) Our daughter, "You guys just danced in circles." (Which needed a bit more prodding, so ...) My wife, "So, what would you give us, honey?" My daughter, "I'd give you a zero." (Laughter from my wife and I.)

It was all about my wife and her Gramma, and we got a lot of time to spend with Gramma, since we stayed with her at her house. Grass was fun to see, as I've said. And when I got to downloading pictures, I realized that squirrels are apparently a good source for pictures as well. Especially when they're not from LaCrosse [sorry, inside joke ... I think :) ]

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