Monday, February 21, 2011

We're back, there's snow. This stinks. But weekend was awesome :)

When we got out to Denver on Friday, we landed and headed to the rental car company to pick up our car for the weekend. It was a pretty slick trip out to Denver because the snow was melting in Minnesota, there was hardly any snow in Denver (really "none" but I guess I did see some on the Mountains), and we left on a Friday morning - so very little travel traffic with which to deal.

Once inside the rental car (a  nice Toyota Camry), we set out for Gramma's house. My wife pointing out the HUGE mountains to my kids. My son was a bit interested, but was also just excited to get off the plane and be able to DO anything. My daughter didn't seem to hear. So my wife pointed out again, "Look at the big mountains out your window! Neat, huh?" To which my daughter replied, "Look, Mommy, grass!" Yes, that's right, seeing grass for the first time since November or December sometime trumped the entire concept of the Rocky Mountains.

Oh well. The weather was gorgeous and we even got to play at the park with all the cousins and second- and third-cousins ... or whatever - it's all FAMILY. There were a number of "friends" (family) our kids' age to play with on Sunday when Gramma had everyone over, so it made for an enjoyable day for the kids (and of course, for the rest of us, too). Seeing everyone was great and spending time with Gramma, especially.

Coming back wasn't as fun. But at least we made it on time. Not liking the snow I had to shovel at the end of the driveway from the plow this morning. But LOVING my neighbors for snow-blowing the driveway ... twice! After this weekend, SO THANKFULL for family and friends!

More to come later ... with pictures ... I promise :)

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