Monday, February 28, 2011

Sports Saturday

This past Saturday is still a blur to me. Good thing the Badger men's basketball team didn't play until Sunday. That would've been a travesty - to miss senior day at the Kohl.

Anyway, it all started with the youth baseball clinic that I run every year at the school where I coach. Two ninety-minute sessions with pizza for the clinicians in between sessions. My son came along and brought a friend. Still trying to figure out why they weren't exhausted after both sessions. After cleaning up and putting things away, we made it home to relax ... for about an hour.

Then, we headed out to basketball. My son played his last game of 1st and 2nd grade hoops. He's had a blast and really loved this season. My mom made the trip up for the weekend, so it was neat to have her come along and watch the game. This particular game even saw my son score quite a few hoops. And my wife had a neat little story to relay after we got home. Seems that the mom sitting next to my wife had a son on the other team. Every time my son got the ball in some space or on a breakaway, the mom would just say, "Oh, that's two." (every time!) Now, think. This is 1st and 2nd grade hoops. So, nothing's a given. But I do have to admit that he made a few shots :)

Proud daddy.

Pictures to follow? Hopefully. Still working on getting videos to load again, too.

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