Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dancing ... well, okay, spring with a smile instead

Dance videos are easy to take - or so my wife says. I didn't make it to my daughter's Valentine's Day dance class, but I saw the videos - and they are pretty cool. She danced to "If You're Happy and You Know It", "Rock'a'bye a Bear" and some other song that I didn't recognize. All so cute, though :) Problem is, the videos won't upload to my blog. Perturbed = me. Hence, no new blog yet this week ... until now.

Okay, not as perturbed anymore. I just took a picture of my daughter and she was smiling ... see? - well, okay, she was in a good mood. Maybe I didn't capture the smile perfectly, but she was cozy on the couch with her favorite blankets - and yes, she DOES need ALL four of them at the same time.

I think Jimmy the Groundhog (Sun Prairie, WI) knows what he's talking about, too, by the way. And that may be helping my mood, as well. You can even see parts of our deckboards. Woo-hoo! That means I don't get "badgered" by my wife to shovel the deck again. Ok, I probably should've shoveled for a second time about a week or two ago (and my wife doesn't really "badger" me - she just recommends), but, like Jimmy, I KNEW the warm weather was coming - I just didn't know when :)

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!
I know I did!
Love my wife. Love my kids. 'nough said :)

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