Monday, February 7, 2011

Basketball, Football, and Champions ...

My son played basketball again this weekend. He had a blast. I know that I posted that on Saturday, but it's still in my mind. I really am quite impressed with his ability to have a good time, do his best, learn, and improve. Very proud!

My daguhter told me this morning, "Three plus three is six ... Six plus six is .... What is six plus six, Daddy?" Well, I gotta admit honey, that's more than I expect out of a four-year-old. Love you, too!

And, of course, yesterday was a blast. I think my wife thought that I was dillusional all day. Had a lot of pent up nerves. Helped to have the Badger basketball game on mid-day ... and to have them blow out Michigan State. Also helped to be going somewhere for the Super Bowl.

Our friends on the lake did a wonderful job of hosting - again! And God bless them for having everybody over - including all the kids. Very fun. Very successfull. Thank you, Packers for your 13th NFL Title!

Deep breath ... and another week begins. :)

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