Saturday, February 19, 2011

American Legion Post 1

No, really. The Leyden-Chiles-Wickersham is "Post 1" - I couldn't believe it. I mean, growing up, our post was always easy to remember as "Post 333", but to be number 1?! Wow!

We had a great night on Friday as we came into Denver to see my wife's gramma. We ended up taking the kids and Gramma's friend Heinz out to dance after dinner - at Post 1. But, while we were at the Legion dancing with my kids and Gramma, some "crabby old guy" (as my wife put it) decided to talk to my wife while she was at the bar getting pop and drinks for the kids and the rest of us. "Crabby Old Guy" had to tell my wife that "kids need to be out of the American Legion by 9 o'clock." As my wife told me, I had to wonder, "Does that include us?" Needless to say, we were on the low end of the age range with our kids. Not that any of the four of us were going to be there past 9pm - since getting the kids to bed would probably be a two-person job for the night.

The kids enjoyed the music - even danced off to the side of the dance floor. And I've been told that my son really liked watching my wife and I waltz the one time that we got on the dance floor. Social butterfly that he is, my son even found some new friends in Gramma's age bracket :)

Pictures will follow ... I promise.

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