Thursday, January 6, 2011

I just read this book. And it was fantastic for me. Some might be turned off because it's about a high school football team in Texas - except that it's NOT ABOUT a high school football team in Texas. It's really about one coach and one program that treats other people (and each other) as uniquely built by God and builds relationships that change ... well ... everything. Though a Christian theme runs through (which makes sense - it's a Christian school), most of the stories are about football; and the book really talks about what happens in a football program (... and life) - and about putting rules toward how you practice/play/achieve (... and live?)

Four rules:
1) love you teammates (... in sport and in life?)
2) choose a great attitude (... doesn't this really make almost ALL the difference?)
3) play fast (... ok ... you got me on this one. I translate it to "play/work hard" all the time)
4) take care of your responsibility (... before you point the finger at anyone else)

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