Thursday, March 3, 2011

2011 Basketball Season Finale

Ok, you don't even want to know how difficult it was to get these pictures on here, much less arrange them in any particular order. Anyway ... in his last game of the year, my son got to score a few buckets (I think 4 from what I see on the videos now.) He also got to do a 'jump ball' - which is strange for any level these days. And he received a medal. Very proud of the way he shook hands with the other team. Pretty good picture of his team, the "Dunkin' Devils"!!! And he even thanked all of his coaches.

Check out the four videos. One on this post has him playing through a bruised rib, diving for a loose ball, double-dribbling, and making a shot. The other videos catch him at various stages of making his four shots on the day. The last video misses his shot, but shows the ball going through. You can tell his range, though.
 He did miss on the day ... trust me ... but only a couple :)

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