Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Flower Man

Everytime I think about what our front room looked like for the first few years we lived in the current house, I think about the color white. I do this because for a number of years after moving in, we left the front room alone. It remained as it was when we moved in - as it was when the builders finished putting the white coat of builder's primer on for the owners before us.

The 'white room' became brown only when we hired a painter to come in and take care of the two-story vaulted ceiling room with it's staircase and landing. Needless to say, once the painting was out of the way the room became 'new' again to us.

Since then, we have gradually added pieces. First a piano. Then two sitting chairs and a love seat. And of course, a coffee table and end table - better to set down coffee during relaxing weekend hours reading the newspaper.

This past weekend, my wife and I made a run to a couple of stores to purchase the 'stuff' we would put on the walls. My wife, thinking me to be a 'man's man', believed that I would not go for 'flowery' stuff on the walls. In fairness, she probably also thought this because every time she picks out bright pastel colors, I balk and ask for something else.

Of course ... if they're not bright pastel ... then I'm the flower man :)

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