Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saving more than you spend ... kind of

Went to Pier One Imports and Kohls today to purchase some 'accent pieces' for the front room. This means: art for the wall (think BIG ART, because it's a vaulted ceiling, right) and a floor lamp for the poorly lit room.

At Pier One, we found a floor lamp on clearance and had a 10% off coupon, plus we had $20 in Pier One Rewards. So, a floor lamp that was originally $160, we took out the door for $75 ... or somewhere around there. Savings = $85

Next up: Kohls for wall art. Decided to try two large framed textured art pieces for over the piano and a 'branch-type-thing' with lots of 'shiny' pieces for over the love seat. Also purchased a couple other pieces as 'back up' that actually might hang on the stairs wall.

Kohls' items seem to ALWAYS be on sale, so it's hard to know what you actually 'save.' But I'll take a shot at it. :) The two large pieces were marked at $120, and the three other pieces were each marked at $70. It was a 50% off sale, so the total came down from $450 to $225. Then, we had a 20% off coupon from our Kohl's catalog, which took the price down to around $185. If you do the math, we saved $265.

Now, do I feel bad about spending $260 today on art and a floor lamp? Or do I feel good about SAVING around $350?

My optomist brain tells me that I got what I needed/wanted and saved more than I spent. Plus, it's not all about money, right? At least that's what I think ... kind of.

Don't burst my bubble, though :)

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