Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sea Life AND Maple Maze

After the Bagers' loss in the men's basketball tourney on Thursday night, this BadgerCubinMN needed some 'pepping up' this weekend. Good timing - some of our friends from Wisconsin came up to spend some time :)

They arrived on Friday afternoon, we enjoyed some good pizza, the kiddos played together, and we even got a chance to show 'em all some of our favorite family games. Saturday brought some time to go to the 'new' aquarium at the mall - Sea Life. (Basicially, the old aquarium just got a little renovation ... and you go through it in the opposit direction as you used to.) But it is still a fun time - never gets old walking underneath the water as sharks and rays swim around you. Plus, you get to pet a starfish and horseshoe crab, so you got that going for you :)

On Sunday, we took our friends to the community center. There's this play structure that is basically like a McDonald's Playland on steroids. The kids had a blast. We went after church but before noon. Apparently it's still busy then. I don't have any pictures of the kiddos, so this 'stock photo' of the play area will have to do. Not sure if my son or daughter, or their friend, ever stopped running, climbing or jumping - so not sure the camera would've done any good if I HAD taken it with me. Oh well.

Sunday was said to see come - as our friends had to head out. But the weekend was a blast. Thanks, Foxes!

... by the way - snow is still on the ground ... uggh :(

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