Friday, January 20, 2012

Not Much A Parent Can Do

I ran into two different events yesterday that had me thinking, "Not much I can do to help." Both involved my children.

One: My son was sick. He didn't have strep throat or a fever. No upset belly. Just some type of virus that made his 'head feel heavy' and his 'throat sore' (according to him). He stayed home from school and rested as much as he could in his uncomfortable state. Thank goodness he got so much sleep yesterday/last night. He now feels better and able to head back to school. (He even aced the spelling words this morning as we practiced them. He MUST feel better.)

Two: My daughter was doing her 'homework' for pre-school. One sheet of paper. Lots of 'extra' material. Dress a snowman however you want. I could definitely suggest what to do, but one hand near the little woman (yes,the snowman was actually a snow-woman) and I got yelled at, "Daddy, don't touch! I can do it!" Needless to say, she is growing up (although she's ALWAYS been independent).

Not much I could for either of them except talk and make sure they were okay. Starting to get the feeling that this isn't going to change much for the next - I don't know - fifty (50) years ... at least. They need me. I need them. Not sure what to do every instance. But always there for them. :)

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