Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why can't I sleep?

It might be that I ran for almost an hour on the treadmill before going to bed last night. Or it could be that I took in quite a bit of caffeine while keeping up with the kids. I know I fall asleep horribly without my wife around (and she happens to be in Flordia for work). But the fact remains that I fell asleep around 1:30am on Saturday night - er - Sunday morning to be more accurate.

The late night doesn't sound like much until you remember that I have a 5- and 8-year-old that wake up fairly early. Thank goodness that they both made it until around 7am Sunday morning. That gave me a good five and a half hours sleep to be ready for an early-morning get-ready routine for church. God only knows how my wife works on those hours, but I simply cannot.

I was planning on running again tonight after I put the kids to bed, but ... plans change. Especially when it takes a bit of energy to get the tired kids to bed. Oh ... did I mention that I realized that I had to hop on the computer to finalize some group work for my masters class? That sealed the deal. No running tonight. I'll have to get back at it tomorrow.

Until then, let's see if I can hit the sack and get some decent sleep so that I have some patience tomorrow for my awesome kids. Have I told you lately how special my dancer, gymnast, swimmer, t-baller is? Or how unreal my quarterback/receiver, triple-double point guard, and all-star switch-hitting catcher is? They are.

(And so is my wife.) Now, let's see about catching that REM cycle!

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