Saturday, June 9, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

I should have pictures posted.

I really should.

Instead, I'm planning on going to a gymnastics 'mini show' for my daughter Saturday and then heading to church and another Cubs-Twins game on Sunday.

It was the last day of school for both of the kids on Thursday. We shaved my son's head Wednesday night and then headed to a high school baseball game. Unfortunately, our team lost in the section finals, but we thought that would be okay - as we have tickets for multiple Cubs-Twins games this weekend. Okay, I have tickets, not 'we', but who's writing this blog anyway?

Sadly, the Friday night event at Target Field didn't end the way my son or I wanted. We did have a blast - really, there were five home runs and five triples. Plus, the game went into extra innings and the Twins ended up winning on a 'walk-off' by Josh Willingham. But we were there to see the Cubs, of course. I donned my Sandberg jersey and my son wore his Soriano t-shirt. Wouldn't you know it? Just before Soriano's first home run, my son says, "I've never seen him hit a home run." Boom! Home run number one of the night for his favorite player. Then, later, Alphonso went upper deck - I'm talking third tier - at Target. Too bad the Cubbies couldn't pull it out.

Well, hopefully the rest of the weekend will be as fun - if not MORE fun - with a Cubs win or two mixed in.

And I'll try to post those pictues.

Especially the ones that include a new haircut.

I really will. ;)

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