Friday, June 15, 2012


Friday of this week was supposed be a relatively easy week. Vacation bible school in the morning, but otherwise, just tidying up the toy area downstairs. Well, that didn't work as well as I liked. The kids decided that each time I left to take care of other tasks, they were going to complain about not being able to tidy up appropriately. If that weren't bad enough, we needed to travel 20 minutes north for a dance rehearsal in the evening.

Have you ever tried venturing north out of the Twin Cities on a Friday afternoon/evening around 5pm?


It took us almost an hour to travel what would have otherwise been a twenty minute drive. That wasn't horrible. Seriously. Because once we got up there, we pretty much had timed it perfectly to get my daughter ready for rehearsal. My wife met us up there and took over once the first rehearsal was over, leaving my son and I to head home.

We should've taken a back road.

I guess the accident on I-94 wasn't 'on purpose', but come on! It's a six mile stretch between exits.

It took us over an hour!

Scotch was my savior when we got home.

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