Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ok, NOW it's three in a row.

I was reminded on the drive home from the machine-pitch game on Tuesday night that only AFTER Tuesday's game did the Corcoran Cubs' winning streak actually reach three games.

The double C's smacked the ball all over the field on Tuesday night. It might've helped to return to comfortable 'home' surroundings at Meister Field in Corcoran. Or that they got to hit off of 'our' machine. Whatever the case, 25 runs scored in five innings is pretty good - especially when most of them came on hits without major errors by the other team.

For anyone that's counting, that raises the win total to four - and brings the winning percentage abover .500 (4-3). Your favorite #15 (and mine) duplicated his Monday totals, with a 3 for 3 night and a double.

Oh, and the MLB Cubs decided to break out the whoopin' sticks, too. Nice job, Northsiders! 10-0

Go Cubs Go! (Both of 'em!)

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