Sunday, April 10, 2011

Birthday Partied Out

When the weekend started, I thought that it might be a long one. And, wouldn't you know it, it was. Apparently my children have a lot of friends, because we had four birthday parties they were invited to this weekend.

On Friday, my daughter was invited to a pre-school classmate's party at Pump It Up. Always a fun endeavor for the kiddos. She had fun - at least she told me she did. My wife claimed that it was the most calm party she's ever seen at an indoor inflatable jumping place.

Saturday brought two more parties - this time for my son. Of course, the day started out with a 3/4ths trip to the mall to buy Easter clothes (wife and two kids - I had a baseball game to coach). My wife claimed this time that the kids were on their best behavior. They seemed to be when they stopped by the baseball field to watch the high school team I coach. I heard a number of "Hi, Daddy"s from behind the fence, so it made a 4-3 loss in 11 innings all the more bearable.

But, getting back to the birthday parties ... my son ended up heading straight to the bowling alley from the baseball field, and seemed to enjoy himself there as well. I picked him up, brought him home, and my wife soon deposited him a few blocks away at a sleepover birthday party for the night. This one must've completely drained him - at least he looked like it when we stopped by our friends' house later that night to check in on the adults - er, the kids :) ... (nine boys slept over. i think we really were checking on the adults)

In the morning we picked up our son and headed to church. Yes, we made it to church - even with all the parties. Had to - I proclaimed the first reading. And so there was one party left. Around noon, our boy went to his third party of the weekend - this time a trampoline party at Sky Zone. No, I am not kidding, between the two kids, they had an inflatable jumping place birthday party, a bowling party, a sleepover, and a trampoline party all in one weekend.

Round two is next weekend. Two more birthday parties ... so far.

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