Saturday, April 16, 2011

Concert Hall

My daughter's pre-school class went to a concert this past Friday. Love for music is a pretty cool thing in my mind, so I was hoping my daughter would really enjoy it. She seems to have a good appreciation for music (and dance), so I was expecting her to really get into the 'hands-on experience' with instruments and the orchestra concert itself.

I don't know if it was a bonus for me to have extra time by myself on Friday morning, or if I would've rather been there with her, but my wife decided to be the chaperone this time - as I went with our son when he went two years ago. My son really loved it - and liked that I had some knowledge, since I played the cello when I was younger. From the pictures and the description aftwerward, I'm thinking my girls enjoyed themselves, too.

The preschool takes a school bus to Concert Hall - which may be one the biggest thrills of the trip (seeing as how my pre-schoolers have always thought the school bus was 'cool' and they'd never rode it before).

Once at Concert Hall, the kids get a little introduction to instruments ... and some time to 'experiment' with them. My daughter liked the cello ... and the violin (especially since it was HER size).

She tried the snare drum, too. Her good friend doesn't seem to like the music quite as much, but maybe that was because of the performer rather than the song? : /

Either way, it seemed to be a great experience for my daughter - and my girls got to hit Olive Garden afterwards with their friends to have a nice lunch out, as well.

My turn to chaperone next time? Hope so. Don't think I want to miss that much fun again. :)

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