Friday, April 1, 2011

How do you lose a video camera? ... Short answer: You don't.

Okay, so we have an older video camera that uses mini-cassettes but was very handy when the kids were born and were young(er). It has since been replace by a digital video recorder. The older camera is still nice to use for video-taping my baseball players. Easy to plug into most televisions and just use the on-camera controls to fast forward, pause, etc.

I've used it the last couple of years to record hitters during tryouts and then varsity players during batting practice. I use it to take a fourth or fifth look at hitters during tryouts, and the entire varsity team can use it to look at and disect their swings.

I went to look for it this spring so that I could record tryouts again ... and I couldn't find it. There are usually a couple of places that I put my baseball coaching stuff at the end of the season so that it is out of the way but ready to use when the season comes back around again. It wasn't in any of those places - neither at school or at home. I was starting to get worried. (and so was my wife)

See, I keep all the tapes in the bag with the video camera - because the tapes without the camera are useless, and vice versa. But a couple of those tapes happen to be from when the kids were born and very young - so, like I said, my wife was getting worried.

After two weeks, I finally noticed that I was missing several of the items I usually have in my office at school for baseball season. First, my stapler. Then, the small box of push pins. Finally, today, I noticed that my ice-coolers (for ice sleeves - good for icing arms after pitching) were also nowhere to be found ... and then!

Epiphany! I remembered that I had cleaned out the mechanical room last summer and had ended up with some extra room for a box - a box with ice-coolers ... push pins ... markers ... a stapler ... and a video camera bag - complete with video camera and tapes.


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