Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mortality and Immortality

As a person of Christian faith - confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church - it is this week, this Holy Week, that allows me to believe in the eternal life. Christ came to Earth specifically to die - and so shall we all. But He came so that we might live - not just our life of flesh in this world, but our risen life with God in heaven.

And so it is both difficult and reassuring that one of our family's beloved should pass this week. My wife's gramma was a blessing to all whom she touched. She was a rock - a mother of four, who burried two husbands of her own. She was a working woman for many years and a single mother for many others. Winnie was a grandmother and a great-grandmother. She was a dancer, a gambler, and a true friend. Winnie was heart and soul, and she was her family - still is.

Winnie passed this Tuesday morning. She was sick, she had suffered enough, and her time came. God called for her and asked her to take her place - to be at rest, at peace. Winnie will watch down over all of us who knew her and her words, her voice, will forever be in our hearts.

Bless you, Gramma. We all love you ... still ... always.

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