Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Eggs

If you haven't been able to tell by all the pictures from Halloween (pumpkin carving), Thanksgiving (making dinner), Christmas (decorating the tree), and other holliday activities, I like to watch rather than take part in the festivities. My wife loves helping the kids, and the kids love doing their part. I, on the other hand, just love watching my family enjoy themselves while I think about what the holliday means to me.

Spring is a season of rebirth. Easter comes to help us remember death and life together.

It is a season of changes, of differences. A chance to see and learn new things.

Spring, and Easter itself, bring so many knew ideas into our life. Easter's meaning to me is Christ himself. His death and resurrection guarantee my eternal life. The gift of his life reminds me to give all of mine. To help others live, learn, grow, and achieve - so that they to too might help each other. To me, the beauty of life is that we all live it together, for each other, and for Christ.

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