Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baseball season is here ... for my son ...

My high school team hasn't been doing too well - in case you've missed it in my mood (or if you haven't been checking THAT blog). I take solace in the fact that my son is now playing ball - and having a great time doing so. He's moved up to the highest level of coach pitch and is really enjoying himself. I even made it to watch a game the other night. He just started this week and it seems like the boys are a bit more into it than in last year's league - which is good, since my son wants it to be that way.

The transition from coaching high school to watching elementary school kids play baseball in the same day has never really been an easy one for me, but it does seem a lot more similar lately :) Mostly because my son is getting better (**chest out**) - not because my high school team is much worse (**big sigh**). Anyway, it looks like my son actually knows what he's doing here at shortstop - knees bent, good ready position, glove out and presented to move to the ball, eyes on the action. Pretty cool for a dad to watch.

Now, if only I could get my high school kids to come watch ... :)

Just kidding ... kind of ... :)

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