Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rain is a good thing? Sure is! ... sometimes :)

It's one of those days, where the rain cancelled our baseball game - and maybe that's okay. We rescheduled and we'll play on Tuesday, so not that much of a loss. We could use a couple days of conditioning inside :)

Plus, what's not to like about a good country song? (Sorry for those of you who are country-phobic.) I was in a good mood, because my AD actually listened to my input on when to reschedule, and my JV coach gets to watch his youngest son play tomorrow night instead of missing it to coach a game that was rescheduled without input. Yeah!

My yard looks good with all this rain, and I'm in the best mood I could be in without the sun shining down on me. God bless, ya'all!!! :)

(5/14/2011) - PS to this message: blogger network was all screwed up, we actually ended up playing Friday - and losing, and it keeps raining, so my mood isn't quite what it could be, but watching "Little Fockers" Friday night with my wife after a nice dinner out at Champps with our neighbors did help quite a bit :)

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