Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Random thoughts ... and pics ...

What if families were able to live in the same state ... or (*gasp*) ... the same city/town, like they used to? Would we all be happier - or would we end up getting on each others' nerves and metaphorically killing each other?

Somehow I don't think these guys (and girls) would have a problem with living closer. Just sayin' :)

Would we all be closer to nature (like me - being part of this tree), because of the lack of need for all the airports, interstates, and other things that take up space? I don't know. But I sure would like to live closer to ALL of my family.

And kids ... since when can kids not behave appropriately in church - maybe since parents won't ask them to behave? Caught some of the other 1st communicants mis-behaving in mass on Saturday night. Sitting right by their parents. Religious education teachers were asking them to behave instead of their parents. Interesting. My niece was an angel, by the way. No need to remind her. But you could tell that, just looking at her, right? :)

And how come the only pen that you WANT to work, doesn't? My little one pouted a bit about it, but what could I do? It's not like she had NINE other pens to use, or at least one that was very similar in color, right? :) Oh well. She's still a cutie.

She cleans up nicely and figures out how to behave most of the time anyway. Besides, how much more can you ask, when she's been sick all week but gets better at the perfect time to take a late night flight to another state (with a brother getting better at just the right time, too), so that we can all enjoy a 1st communion weekend with family in Oho?

Come on?! Could you NOT be melted by this on Easter morning? Easter Bunny brought a stuffed bunny. And a bat :)

Happy Easter, again, everyone. All my love. Just help me get through this spring baseball season and we'll be alright ... maybe.

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