Friday, May 13, 2011

That was weird

Okay. Not exactly sure what the Blogger network was doing. But they shut down the system, removed blog posts and now have the system back up and working - but without a few of the posts that have been made over the past couple of days.

If you missed my post on 'rain is a good thing?', I'm sorry, but I don't have the time or energy now to repeat it. Besides, it ended up not ending up like I originally posted that it ended up. Got all that?

Anyway, my high school team is going to attempt to win our second game of the season today (instead of Tuesday, like i THOUGHT we had already decided on for the rescheduled date). I guess the other school's AD said that they couldn't play on Friday because they had lower level (ninth grade) teams playing on their fields - so they didn't have fields available.

... except that IT'S OUR HOME GAME. (???) Not sure what the actual reasoning was behing the move to play today - except maybe that the other team would have to play five games in six days next week, instead of four games in six days. Whatever the reason, we'll give it a go today.

We beat them last time we faced them this season - for our only 'W' of the year, of course. Hopefully we can put together some effort today and hit the ball enough to beat them again. Two wins would be nice :)

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