Friday, January 25, 2013

Do I go pick up my son from school?


I mean, it's a full eight to ten degrees warmer that it was the past two days, and twenty degrees warmer than Monday at 4pm - which makes it 15 degrees above zero right now. But, the wind is a bit brisk at times (17 mph gusts). And I've heard they've been canceling school for this temperature in states not quite as tough as ours ... *cough* - Ohio - *cough*

It's my turn to pick up the boys - both my son and his friend who lives around the corner. But to pick them up, I have to drive a full mile to school. (I know. THAT isn't the big deal.) The real trouble is getting my daughter all bundled up to go. (Which isn't REALLY that big a deal either, I guess.)

I'm just waivering because it's Friday and I'm being lazy - I know. Plus my garage door opener finally went kapoot. "Real Feel" tells me it's one below zero, so I better go get them. I'm not really complaining, mind you. Just sat at the computer and didn't have much to blog about.

That is all. God bless :)

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