Friday, January 18, 2013

My fake girlfriend ...

So, I'm so completely tired of hearing about a fake girlfriend that a college football player may have or may NOT have known was fake. Whether Manti was 'complicit' or not in the hoax, I'm sure he's embarassed because I am completely certain that he embelished the relationship to some extent or another. That's my take. I've never had a fake girlfriend (that I KNOW about anyway), so I have no way of knowing how embarassed he should be - or how he felt about telling other people about said girlfriend. For that matter, I've never been a major college football player, so I have no way of knowing how he should behave moving forward. I just cannot imagine walking into a locker room - or the NFL draft combine - and having to take on the looks, snickers, comments, questions of so many other young men.

And speaking of having to deal with the looks, snickers, comments, and questions ... I have no idea what to say about that other guy. The sinister mister Armstrong, who cheated and bullied to an extent I'll never be able to understand, deserves very little sympathy. Let's all watch the Oprah interviews in a different way. Let's take it all in ... and then NOT question anything. Move on. Let him move on. He is NOT a Tour de France champion. He is NOT a hero for his bicycling exploits. He is NOT a good family man. What he IS? ... a very selfish and competitive person without the individual strength to do the right thing in many circumstances. His Livestrong efforts are to be commended, not his individual self. Period. Done.

Let's move on. From both.

Next news cycle please ... and maybe a POSITIVE one?!?!?!

... how about a compromise in Washington?! (Now wouldn't THAT be a surprise?!?!)

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