Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

I have a bunch of photos to keep sharing from winter break ... but I wanted to make sure to actually post some happenings before displaying my cute family and distracting you ;)

We enjoyed Christmas at home this year. My wife's parents came out for the week and we really relaxed. My wife even spent a full week away from her computer! Yeah! :) My father-in-law helped me use my new circular saw (Christmas present) to cut a left-over piece of wood from the kitchen to make another coat rack for the mud room. And we all went post-Christmas shopping and got some good deals on stuff for the kids and family. Love the family I married into.

Then, the in-laws headed home safely and our little family of four headed to Wisconsin for a little Christmas with my family and New Year's with the usual gang. Kids got some cool gifts from fam in Wisconsin. I even got a new vacuum. Yeah, again! I'm pretty sure my wife liked her new PJ's - she had them on the night after she opened them. And my son couldn't wait to get back to play his new Skylanders game on the Wii. It was definitely good to spend time with my brother and his fam, and my parents and grandmas as well. Love the family I was born into.

Enjoyed New Year's per the usual - went out for an early dinner at a spot in Madison we hadn't been to before, then headed back to a buddy's house for cards. While at dinner, we realized that we've been doing some form of New Year's together for a full 20 years in a row now. I know I've missed one or two, but not many - and the same can be said for most of the gang. Not sure when it will end, but for now, it's a blast to keep getting together to ring in the new year. Blessed to have such good friends.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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