Friday, January 11, 2013

Haunted Garage Door

This week I figured out how to get our garage door unstuck ... and then it just keeps sporadically opening or shutting. Go figure.

At first the problem was that I couldn't get the garage door opener to shut the garage door. I had just come home and used the opener to open the door, but the opener seemed to buzz and not do anything when I tried to shut the door. So, I disengaged the carriage and we did it manually for the night. The next day I spoke with a very helpfull garage door technician on the phone who let me in on a tip: sometimes the carriage gets stuck on a head bolt on the track near the opener. Enter a little WD40 and a wrench ... and we're all good. Altered the moving distance a bit and we were golden.

Except ...

Later that day I heard the garage door opening about the time my wife would be coming home. After ten minutes of her not coming into the house, I looked out to see what was going on ... only to find the garage door sitting half open. So, I closed it, thinking maybe she had forgotten to go to the store. However, three more times over the next 24 hours, the door has magically opened. My working theory is that it's haunted ...

Or that someone in our neighborhood now has the same frequency garage door signal.

Stay tuned ;)


  1. Bad wall button or transmitter? If the wall button is wired, try disconnecting it, otherwise remove batteries from transmitters to find the bad one. Chance of neighbor having same frequency is slim.

  2. I think the wall button was being goofy. Went through disconnecting and reprogramming and everything is fine now.