Monday, January 7, 2013

Go Pack Go!

So, the weekend was fun! Everything started on Friday ... well, actually it probably started during the week back in Wisconsin when we figured out I was going to get to go to Lambeau this past Sunday ... however, the weekend itself started with a nice little Friday.

Friday night was a family night on the couch watching "Tangled" with my kiddos and the love of my life. Enjoyed that IMMENSELY!

Got up on Saturday and did a few things around the house with my wife. Put together the new vacuum I got for Christmas - LOVE IT - and the two of us used it throughout the first level. Also got my overnight bag ready.

Then drove a few hours to Wausau to meet up with my dad. Checked into a hotel, then hit the road for the final 90 miles to Green Bay. It was a gorgeous day, to say the least. Couldn't ask for better winter weather.

We parked a few blocks from Lambeau and walked over to meet up with my brother and his friends before the game. Had a few cocktails and then decided to get to the stadium for the game. Pretty sure I knew we had the game in hand the minute I heard Webb would play for Ponder. However, it was nice to see the Packers hold the Vikes to a FG on the first possession and then nothing else for the entire first half. Could've been a bigger blow-out, but I'll take any post-season victory.

That drive across state and back into Minnesota is OH-SO-MUCH-MORE-SPECIAL when it comes with a Packers victory over the dreaded Vikings. On to San Fran (... and then hopefully back to Lambeau in 2 weeks, if both the Pack and Russell can get wins on the road next week!)

Did I mention that former UW quarterback Russell Wilson won handly to set up next week's possible upsets and a return trip for me to Lambeau? Nice. That was Sunday. It was nice to get back and spend the day relaxing and watching football with the family. Even made a nice little pineapple chicken dish for dinner. (Oh, and the Badger men won in Lincoln ... ugly win, but a Big Ten win none-the-leass ... On Wisconsin!)

Good weekend!

Go Pack Go!

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